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  • Bautz´ner Senf


    Traditional German medium hot mustard.


  • Hela Currygewürzketchup

    Sweet curry flavours blended in with tomato juice. A unique flavour combination.

  • Remoulade

    A mayonnaise based sauce, refined by mustard and herbs. German herby mayonnaise is the secret ingredient to creating delicious salad dressings. It also lends itself perfectly to condiment fried potatoes or simply add it to your sandwich.


  • Frikadellen

    German pork meatballs with herbs, mustard and onions.

  • Mettenden

    Delicious snack sausages for the small appetite along a good pint of beer or a great addition to your soups or stews for extra bite and flavour.


  • smoky Frankfurter
    Smoked Frankfurter

    These long smoky Frankfurters are the perfect cold sausage snack.

  • Brezel

    Premium Swabian style Brezeln with a crispy outside and a soft inside by the German bakery Ditsch.


  • On The Roll's homemade Currywurst Sauce
    On The Roll's homemade Currywurst Sauce

    On The Roll’s homemade Currywurst Sauce is based on a rich tomato sauce with a sweet and tangy twist. The sauce is vegan and gluten free. 170g

  • Bavarian Sweet Mustard
    Händlmaier - Bavarian Sweet Mustard

    The coarsely ground mustard is sweetened with brown sugar and goes well with white sausage, Leberkäse and other Bavarian specialties.

  • Teewurst

    A traditional German spreadable bread topping with a very smooth texture and a slightly smoky taste. Particularly delicious on sourdough bread.


  • Schnitzel

    A breaded pork cutlet, fried in butter for a crisp bite and a golden brown colour. Simply served with a lemon wedge, it is delicious with any potato dishes.


  • Organic Bratwurst
    Organic Bratwurst

    Family Butcher’s choice – fair and locally sourced – Taste the difference and enjoy a traditional, mildly seasoned Bratwurst grilled to perfection – smooth inside and crispy brown outside.


  • Hela Curry Gewürzketchup Spicy

    A spicy version of the German Curry Gewürzketchup with sweet curry flavours blended in with tomato juice.

  • Leberwurst

    A pork based traditional German bread spread consisting of ground pork, pork liver, bacon, onions and spices.

  • Birkel Spätzle

    Birkel’s finest traditional swabian egg pasta.

  • Bratwurst

    The Bratwurst is Germany’s most popular BBQ sausage and take away treat.


  • Krakauer

    Krakauer is a slightly smoky bacon flavoured pork sausage.

  • Sauerkraut

    Westphalian style pickled white cabbage with bacon.


  • Cheese Krakauer
    Cheese Krakauer

    Our Cheese Krakauer is a smoky pork sausage with a delicious filling of Gouda cheese.


  • Mettwurst

    Finely ground well-seasoned pork-based bread spread with pork gelatine.

  • Röstzwiebeln

    Crispy fried onions are the perfect hot dog topping and a great supplement to salads and soups.

  • Leberkase

    Leberkäse is a smoked and mildly spiced traditional South German meatloaf.

  • Nürnberger

    Traditionally produced in and around Nuremberg since 1313. Characteristically small in size but big in taste.

  • Hochzeitssuppe

    The ‘wedding soup’ is a clear meat broth with meat balls, vegetables, pasta and egg (custard royale).

  • Weisswurst

    Weißwurst is a Bavarian Sausage speciality with a hint of parsley and lemon.

  • Vegan Sausage
    Vegan Sausage

    Completely plant based German Bratwurst with a classic sausage texture and shape.

  • Chocolate Pudding

    One of the most traditional German desserts with a wonderful chocolaty flavour.

  • Bockwurst

    Bockwurst is a mildly flavoured, slightly smoky pork sausage.

  • Vanilla Pudding

    Traditional German custard dessert with a delicious vanilla flavour.

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    Give someone you love a tasty gift.

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