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  • Organic Bratwurst

    Organic Bratwurst

    Family Butcher's choice - fair and locally sourced - Taste the difference and enjoy a traditional, mildly seasoned Bratwurst grilled to perfection - smooth inside and crispy brown outside.  

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  • Schnitzel

    A breaded pork cutlet, fried in butter for a crisp bite and a golden brown colour. Simply served with a lemon wedge, it is delicious with any potato dishes.  

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  • Bratwurst


    The Bratwurst is Germany’s most popular BBQ sausage and take away treat.  

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  • Krakauer

    Krakauer is a slightly smoky bacon flavoured pork sausage.

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  • Cheese Krakauer

    Cheese Krakauer

    Our Cheese Krakauer is a smoky pork sausage with a delicious filling of Gouda cheese.  

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  • Leberkase


    Leberkäse is a smoked and mildly spiced traditional South German meatloaf.

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  • Nürnberger

    Traditionally produced in and around Nuremberg since 1313. Characteristically small in size but big in taste.

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  • Weisswurst


    Weißwurst is a Bavarian Sausage speciality with a hint of parsley and lemon.

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  • Vegan Sausage

    Vegan Sausage

    Completely plant based German Bratwurst with a classic sausage texture and shape.

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  • Bockwurst

    Bockwurst is a mildly flavoured, slightly smoky pork sausage.

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  • On The Roll Gift Voucher

    Give someone you love a tasty gift.

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