Organic Bratwurst


We highly recommend trying our organic Bratwurst. The Bratwurst is made by the family butcher Sostmann in Bramsche, Germany. All ingredients used are locally sourced. Animals used are from farms close to the butcher so there is never any stressfull travelling and the distance is limited to 30 minutes around the farm. The butcher only accepts animals from small family farms which treat their animals well, feed them with grains from their own cultivation and proof of strictly controlled livestock farming.

This mildly flavoured traditional Bratwurst tastes best when grilled to perfection – smooth inside and crispy brown outside.


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86% organic pork, drinking water, table salt, organic spices, organic dextrose, sea salt, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, yeast extract, organic rice flour, stabilizer: sodium citrate, natural flavour, natural pork casing